MGSA is committed to providing education for it’s members and the golfing public for the preservation and enhancement of golf courses and their environments within Manitoba.

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        Manitoba Golf Superintendents Association

The MGSA has progressed as an organization of individuals interested in growing fine turf, and has, through co-operation with the Manitoba Golf Association and the Royal Canadian Golf Association, helped to bring golf courses in Manitoba into the splendid playing conditions, which exist today.

The Manitoba Golf Superintendents Association was founded on October 25, 1950.  

The original mandate was to:

A) Form an association of the Golf Greens Keepers of Manitoba for the information, instruction, education and mutual advantage of its members.

B) To promote knowledge and disseminate information regarding the planning and construction of golf courses.

C) To assist members to obtain employment and to extend relief to needy and deserving members.