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History of the MGSA

During the summer of 1950 a group of golf course greenskeepers met on several occasions to discuss the feasibility of forming an Association which would, through interchange of knowledge and ideas, upgrade and improve playing conditions on Manitoba's golf courses, as well as promote and improve the professional status of the men who cared for the courses.

The directors of most golf clubs in the Winnipeg area were consulted beforehand and all were in complete agreement that such an association could do nothing but benefit golf and golf courses throughout Manitoba.

On Wednesday, October 25, 1950, a meeting to organize the Association was held at the Glendale Golf and Country Club. At this meeting the group was named "The Manitoba Greenskeepers Association" by resolution. The following were elected as officers:

A.C. (Cy) Creed President
John B. Steel Vice President
Frank MacDonald Treasurer
Stan Walker Secretary

The dues were set at $3.00 per year and it was resolved that park keepers, cemetery supervisors, bowling greenskeepers and all others interested in turfgrass culture be invited to join. Invitations were sent to golf courses inviting their greenskeepers to become part of the new organization. On March 14, 1951 a constitution was approved. Eleven members attended this meeting and Sam Hutchings, Arthur Baker and George Beattie were elected as directors to become the original executive committee.

The Constitution outlined the following purposes and objectives:
A) To form an Association of the Golf Greenskeepers of Manitoba for the information, instruction, education and mutual advantage of its members.
B) To promote knowledge and disseminate information regarding the planning and construction of golf courses and golf greens.
C) To assist members to obtain employment and to extend relief to needy and deserving members.

The Constitution and By-Laws have since been amended, but basically not too much has changed.

Since its inception the name of the Association has changed twice. In 1955 the name was changed to "The Golf Course Superintendents Association of Manitoba." In 1995 the name was changed to "The Manitoba Golf Superintendents Association" and that is how it remains today.

Turf Research has always been an important issue to the Association. In 1958 Turf Research plots were set up at the University of Manitoba under the guidance of Dr. A. C. Ferguson. At this time the Association pledged a minimum of $750.00 a year towards this project. The Association was involved with Turf Research plots at the U of M. The plots were under the guidance of Dr. Ray Smith and Doug Cattani. The MGSA annually made a donation of $5,000.00 towards Turf Research. Of this, $2,500.00 went directly to the U of M, while the remaining $2,500.00 was donated to the Canadian Turf Research Foundation. The Association raises funds for these donations through an annual Turf Research Tournament and an annual Golf Club raffle.

The Association has always stressed Education for its members. Since the 1950's the Association has held seminars to help educate its members. Today the Association holds an Annual Two Day Seminar in the off-season that is open to all members. Beginning in 1975 the Association also set up a Scholarship Fund to aid deserving students in obtaining their diplomas in Turf Management. Today these are in the form of three Memorial Scholarships in Honour of three men and their dedication to the Turf industry.

These are:
The John B. Steel Memorial Scholarship

The George Kendall Memorial Scholarship

The Dr. A. C. Ferguson Memorial

The Association also publishes a newsletter each year, containing information for the benefit of members, together with advertising of golf-related products.

In recent years the Association has developed a mission statement. It reads:
"The Manitoba Golf Superintendents Association is committed to providing education for its members and the golfing public for the preservation and enhancement of golf courses and their environments within Manitoba."

The Manitoba Golf Superintendents Association has grown from a membership base of around 20 in its formative years to a membership of over 200 and growing today.

The Association has progressed as an organization of individuals interested in growing fine turf, and has, through co-operation with the Manitoba Golf Association and the Royal Canadian Golf Association, helped to bring golf courses in Manitoba into the splendid playing conditions, which exist today.